BillingServ Benefits

Quick Easy and Hassle Free Invoicing Solution.


As a freelancer, you enjoy flexible working hours and the freedom to choose your projects. However, other than just meeting the client’s requirements, being a freelancer comes with a whole host of other related administrative work to manage: seeking new clients and projects, ensuring client satisfaction and project success, billing clients, tracking client payment, doing monthly accounting, and filing taxes.

Ensuring a steady stream of income is a major challenge for many freelancers. That’s where BillingServ comes in. We make billing, tracking client payment, doing accounting and filing taxes really simple and easy to do. BillingServ frees up hours of your precious time each month by combining the latest cloud technologies with an easy-to-use interface to keep the time you have to spend on these activities to a minimum.

With a few clicks, you can easily bill your clients electronically and they can pay instantly using the most popular payment gateways. BillingServ is highly customizable and makes billing easy for all types of freelance work, from one-off billing of a single project to hourly billing to recurring subscriptions. With all your data stored in the cloud using the latest encryption technology, you have secure access to your billing information anywhere, anytime.

What about backups? Will your valuable client data be lost? We back up your precious data to several different locations all over the globe. Only a nuclear bomb that obliterates the entire earth will cause you to lose all your precious data.

Stop fiddling with multiple spreadsheets. Stop using multiple single-function apps or plug-ins to separately manage billing, payment, and accounting. Stop worrying about backing up your precious customer data. BillingServ provides a one-stop solution for you so that you can focus on the most important part of being a freelancer: getting more clients and projects to ensure a steady stream of income.

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Small Business

Small business owners face many challenges to keep their businesses going. Paying for next month’s business overheads such as office or equipment rental and employee salaries keep you awake at night on how to generate enough income to keep the business going. Operating on a much bigger scale than freelancers, other business-related administrative work such as billing, tracking client payment, doing accounting and filing taxes scales up accordingly as well.

Hiring dedicated employees to manage each of these activities drives up overheads and stress, especially if your business is operating on razor thin margins. This is where BillingServ comes in. Using the latest cloud technology, you don’t need multiple employees to manage all these activities; you probably can do with just one. In fact, you could probably manage all of them yourself without breaking too much of a sweat.

In addition to simplifying these activities, BillingServ helps you to improve your business’ financial position by generating reports that help you to identify reliable customers and the highest revenue-generating products and services. It’s like having an in-house business management consultant except that you don’t have to pay an additional salary for these insights.

With BillingServ, you can sleep better at night knowing that your precious client data is securely stored in the cloud using the latest encryption technology and backed up to multiple locations all over the globe so that you will never lose them. If we actually lose your data, it is probably safe to assume that Armaggeddon is upon all of us.

Give your small business greater stability by using BillingServ to reduce overheads and time spent on business-related administrative work so that you can focus on revenue generation. And, if your small business grows to become a big corporation, BillingServ can grow together with you too.

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Many business owners harbour dreams of becoming a big corporation. However, with a much greater size comes much greater responsibilities and problems. With thousands or even tens of thousands of customers and their projects running simultaneously, keeping on top of everything is a huge challenge.

Technology often comes to the rescue in the form of in-house IT infrastructure to keep track of the hive of activities to ensure that bills and invoices are sent out on-time and track the status of their payments. However, maintaining in-house IT infrastructure can be expensive: buying and maintaining hardware is costly and IT professionals must be hired and retained to keep the infrastructure secure against ever-growing threats and to troubleshoot bugs and glitches.

What if you can eliminate all these issues while still leveraging on technology to track your business’ financial activities? That’s where BillingServ comes in; we can replace your entire billing, invoicing, and accounting IT infrastructure with our cloud technology.

Our easy-to-use interface allows anyone who is familiar with a computer to do billing and invoicing and our system helps you to monitor and track them, generating easy-to-understand reports at a click that you can present to your boss. By hosting everything in our cloud, you don’t need to retain IT professionals on your payroll nor spend on costly IT hardware upgrades or repairs.

Best of all, you can quickly and easily control costs by scaling up or down according to business conditions. It wouldn’t be as easy and cheap to throw out hardware and fire IT staff this quarter due to declining sales volume only to buy new hardware or re-hire staff two quarters later as sales pick up again.

If you are wondering about security and data loss, we’ve got you covered. With the latest encryption technologies and daily backups to multiple locations across the globe, your data is safe. You have full control over who has access to the platform, and all they need is an internet connect and a web browser. Perfect for working from home.

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